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Good All-Rounder

This film has nice colors and good contrast that make it good for both portraits and landscape. Also, its 400 ISO makes it usable both in- and outdoors. These combine to make it a solid all-purpose film. I used it in a point-and-shoot Olympus on a recent trip and I was able to take any photo I wanted with good results, especially the skin tones. It made shooting relaxing, fun, and stress-free.

Great Landscape Film

This film has fine grain, vibrant colors, and good contrast that make it great for landscape photography! Just be careful about photographing people as skin tones can look off.

Vintage-y color i like

I absolutely love the unique look of FPP Color 125! The colors are definitely subdued compared to other films, but that gives my photos a cool, almost vintage feel. It's also super fine grain, which is great for when I want to enlarge my prints. Processing was a breeze - standard C-41, just like my usual film

Love the warm, vintage vibe this film delivers!

The colors are unique, with a golden cast in highlights and cool blues in shadows. Grain adds a touch of character, perfect for street snaps and moody portraits. It's a bit unpredictable, so not ideal for perfectly accurate colors, but that's part of the fun! If you want a creative film that gives your photos a distinct style, this is a must-try.

Beautiful Images

I love this film more than pancakes, which says a lot because I really love pancakes. The film scans amazingly. I shoot mostly portraiture on two different cameras. My 35mm is a Hasselblad Xpan, and I like to shoot all my colour film two stops over what they're rated. With lenses at a f/4 wide open, this can be difficult on an Xpan when shooting 160 at 40 and even 400 at 100 in some situations. Having this gorgeous film available to shoot at 200 and not having to worry about colours shifting or too much grain is awesome. Oh, and it scans beautifully. I couldn't recommend this any more highly.