Ahoy there, fellow film lovers! I'm Jen Waicukauski, and I'm excited to be on a journey through the captivating world of analog photography with you. Pretty much born with a film camera in my hands, I am committed to preserving the magic and authenticity of this classic medium.

Growing up, I found solace and inspiration in the gentle click of a shutter, the smell of darkroom chemicals, and the anticipation of seeing an image come to life in the developer tray. My love affair with film photography began early, and I quickly became enamored with the hands-on, tactile process that defines the analog experience.

Building Pinhole Cameras:

Throughout the years, I've built- and helped many other build - pinhole cameras. These handmade wonders allow me to capture the world with a unique perspective. The beauty of pinhole photography lies in its simplicity, turning every shot into a poetic dance between light and time.

Film Faithful in a Digital Age:

In an era dominated by digital convenience, I remain steadfast in my love of analog authenticity. The tactile nature of film, the unpredictability of each shot, and the irreplaceable charm of imperfections—these are the elements that fuel my artistic spirit.

Analog Wonderland - Celebrating Film Photography:

In my dedication to preserving the essence of film photography, I am thrilled to introduce The Film Roll, a curated sanctuary for fellow film enthusiasts. Here, we celebrate the unique joys of shooting film and provide a carefully selected collection of photographic films to inspire your creative endeavors.